The Weirdest Photo Shoot Ever

Imagine this...

You muster up enough courage to take some photos in a public place.  
Specifically, THIS place located in downtown Denver:

It's a Sunday morning so you figure that you are somewhat safe from huge crowds.  
(You are very shy by nature, so crowds of people watching is no bueno).

So you begin to take photos.  
You are excited to create this blog post on "How to Spring 2012 Trends Early" starting off with Floral Print.

 You like the idea of wearing a darker floral print on this sunny, winter day.   
Your sweater tights keep this floral print appropriate for March in Colorado.

You add this wide leather belt to add weight to 
what is typically seen as a dress for spring.  

You're having fun taking your photos and don't even notice the few people who walk by, stop and stare at you.

Until one of them talks to you.  

"Would you like some help?" asks the man with the British accent.
"Um, what?" you say with a mix of horror and embarrassment.
"You look like you could use some help.  You're quite the spectacle to watch" says the man laughing.
"Um, what?" you repeat.  "A spectacle?"
"Yep.  I am a photographer.  Let me help you" he says as he reaches for the camera.  

In your astonishment, you allow him to take the camera.

He starts taking photos...and most of them are like this one because you can't BELIEVE this stranger is telling you to "work it" and to "give it to me."  So you just crack up.

Dress - Unknown
Belt - Nordstrom
Sweater Tights - Hue (Purchase HERE)
Shoes - Nine West
Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Earrings - Nordstrom

And are no longer holding your purse.  The man thought it was "a bit much" for the outfit.  You complied because you were too busy laughing to argue.

XO - Marion

PS - I'm guest posting over at my friend Hanna's blog today Bouffe e Bambini sharing another Floral Print in Winter look:
It would be awesome if you could stop by and let me know which look you like better!!
Also linking up today with Monday Mingle.


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