Feline Fest

I've seen so much cat-related awesomeness recently, I thought I'd share the kitty love and put together a little cat digest for you guys!

Firstly, my Lazy Oaf inspired cat nails! Can't afford the t-shirt? Get the nail pens out!

[It was super easy to do. I used 2 coats of a white Models own polish, painted three quarters of the nail with black polish, added some pointy ears with my Models Own nail pen, then added the facial features using the white Models Own nail pen! I sealed it all in with a gloopy dollop of Seche Vite, the topcoat of dreams!]

How adorable is this phone case from Iconemesis? I don't have an iPhone just yet, so the boyfriend is proudly parading this Gemma Correll phone case on my behalf. He's getting on very well with it and has no complaints at all, other than getting a bit of stick from his mates! Check out the Iconemesis website for more Gemma Correll iPhone cases and designs from loads of other indie illustrators! 

Natasha from So On Trend is hosting a purrfect giveaway to win this kittty print blouse! I'm going to enter it tomorrow!

I've seen these Charlotte Olympia inspired cat face shoes by Missguided doing the bloggy rounds lately, and I'm very tempted to invest!

Cat Atelier is a totally hysterical Etsy store featuring accessories to make your feline fashionable! Roxy would probably deck me if I tried to stick a hat on her, but this store is worth a visit purely for lulz.

And finally, I shall be hunting for cat fabric and DIY-ing some shorts like these ALMOST INSTANTLY.

I think that's the latest in cat gossip - have you seen anything catty and cute lately?

PS - I'm the guest editor over on Republic's blog at the mo! Do check out my first outfit post where I tackle the baroque legging trend! 


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