London Fashion Week Day 1 & 2 video diaries!

After MUCH Youtube grief involving actual tears, I can finally show you my little London Fashion Week video diaries! These videos are not about exquisite quality and perfect angles - they are intended to show you what my London Fashion Week was really like, from the fashion show rejections and queue conversations to my endless quest to make others laugh... Some of the footage was filmed secretly to give you an even more realistic sense of what went on! 

I have spread out Day 1 and 2's antics over two 15 minute clips below, and Day 3 and 4's footage will be along soon! Blood, sweat and tears have gone into making these flaming videos, so you better bloody watch them or so help me god I will hunt you down I really hope you enjoy them ^_^

Part 1:

Part 2:

Let me know what you thought of my LFW life through a (slightly wobbly) lens... 

PS - check out the photo diaries for more details! Day 1, Day 2


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