DIY Pocket Patch Shorts


So, you know the amazing cat pocket shorts from Saturday's post? Yeah, I couldn't wait to try out making my own. I didn't have any cat material but made do with a very pretty floral pillowcase I bought in charity shop! Charity shop pillowcases are my go-to when I need cheap and pretty material in small quantities - sod off C&H with your £5 'fat quarters'! 

In what is quite possibly a first on this blog, this does require moderate sewing. But, as you'll see in my tutorial, I have gone out of my way to do as little sewing as possible! You could even do this project using fabric glue, but I personally like that you can unpick the stitching and sew on different material if you fancy. 

So, here are the before shots - shorts courtesy of Republic as I am currently blogging for them! And you can find the link to a short video tutorial over on Republic's Wear It Your Way blog, if it sounds like gobbledegook in the tutorial below. 

And here's my tutorial:


I love them! What do you think? 

It was a tad more time consuming than the other DIY's I usually undertake, but I guess there are some things that need a bit more effort. It took about an hour all in all, but I did keep getting distracted by Cheaper By The Dozen! What a film. 

Hope you've enjoyed my latest DIY!



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