"How Do You Wear High Heels All Day Long?"

Can you guess what the #1 question is that I receive from readers?

Here is a snapshot:

"I teach first grade, meaning I'm on my feet all day long (as you are, too) right now I'm sticking to my dansco's. I know I know lame but I have a REALLY hard time finding cute comfy flat shoes (that don't break the bank). I have a REALLY hard time with heals at work...I can't make it through the day with out changing into flats."
- Morgan

"So I absolutely LOVE wearing heels and used to wear them all the time, but somehow I just find that working out and 4 inch heels are not as compatible as I wish. Do you just tough it out, do you wear flats more often than your pictures show, or have you just grown accustomed over time? I'd love to hear your secret."
- Elisabeth

So here are my personal thoughts when it comes to heels:
- I love heels.  Adore them.  
- I was not gifted with the lean, thin body that looks great in flats.  It's just a fact that I've learned to accept.  Therefore, I almost always have a small heel on my shoe (unless I'm working out...in which case I'm not caring about a heel!)
- I always balance comfort with style. 

My shopping rules for comfortable heels:
- For comfort, I always look for a 3 inch heel or less.
- Wedges are a great comfortable option.
- When at the store, walk on the hard surface when trying on the heel.  It really reveals the cushion quality (or lack thereof).
- I hate saying this...but oftentimes the more expensive heels are the most comfortable.  Cole Haan is such a great shoe.  They cost more but the cushioning is unbelievable.
- Invest in the "necessity" colors - black, beige, brown and gold.  These are the colors in which you should buy more expensive shoes.  Save the less expensive shoes for the neon green!

Wedges for Work:

Gorgeous wedges for a casual work day or weekend wear.
J.Crew Wedges - Purchases HERE

These Kate Spade Wedges are a classic....you'll surely be reaching for them every morning when you are in the mood for a comfortable yet gorgeous shoe.
Purchase HERE.

Heels for Work:

These are Cole Haan...one of my absolute favorite brands of shoes!  They have the Nike Air Technology so they are always comfortable.  They may be a bit more 
expensive, but in my opinion they are worth it.
Maria Sharapova by Cole Haan - Purchase HERE

These Ivanka Trump shoes are a gorgeous color and are of a high quality and design.  Although the heel is tall at 3 3/4, the hidden platform of 3/4 make 
it a comfortable shoe for all day wear.
Purchase HERE.

Cole Haan...again.  A minimal heel with an adorable color + design.
Purchase HERE.

Flats Semi-Flats for Work:

These Cole Haan flats have a small wedge heel and all the Nike Air Technology to make them super comfortable for all day wear.
Purchase HERE

The Tory Burch "Sally 2" Peep Toe Wedge are a classic departure from the standard Reva.  
So beautiful and sure to be a go-to for years to come.
Purchase HERE

I hope this gives you some idea of what type of shoe to look for when shopping for an all-day wear shoe.  Don't compromise style for comfort...you should be able to find both!

So do you have any brands that you recommend for comfort?

XO - Marion

PS - As I promised a few gals that emailed me, I will try to show more "flat" options in my styles.  Stay tuned tomorrow for a flat-first! :)


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