Old and New

This is a reenactment of what I wore to work yesterday on seemingly the unluckiest shift of my entire life!  I had been wearing different black jeans (Primark, luckily...), and whilst unpacking a makeup delivery, I pulled a nail polish out of its little box and it had broken in transit and therefore grey nail polish glooped its way all over my trousers. I was scrubbing at them with acetone like a loon until my legs went crimson and I admitted defeat. I had to work the rest of the shift wearing some written off jeans from the faulty department - which were missing a button! Nightmare! I felt like the kid at school that's wet herself and has to wear lost property P.E shorts!

Thank god I was wearing my Topshop slubby knit sweater so I could pull it down and avoid flashing my spotty pants to the nation. Fashion FAIL. Oh and then a customer dropped orange nail polish on the floor and it went everywhere so I had to clean that up. Bloody nail polish and its bloody glass packaging. How something that usually brings me such joy can have caused me so much grief yesterday, I'll never know... 

Outfit reenacted with my Topshop Leigh jeans (thank god I wasn't wearing those!)

(shirt +  Russell & Bromley loafers - charity shop, necklace - New Look, jeans + swearer - Topshop)

(lipstick - Brighton Rock by Topshop, nails - Nails Inc in OMP! + Models Own nail art pen)

This outfit features two of my favourite charity shop buys - my Russell & Bromley loafers and my new short sleeved denim shirt. Even though my clothes are mainly old, I've been using something very new to capture them today... My new Canon G12 camera! A very extravagant investment for me, but one that has made things like nail art photos SO much easier. It has so many amazing features (including some Instagram style retro settings) and if anyone is interested I might do a post dedicated to my new gadget to show off its amazingness in case anyone else is thinking of a camera upgrade. 

The case I really want for it is a tad expensive after the initial expense of buying the camera, so I headed to Poundland to see what makeshift protection I could find... 

Enter this amazingly pathetic sequin handbag! None of the camera cases were big enough, so I headed to the 'fashion' aisle... This bag was so flimsy and tragic, I just had to have it. I only need something to prevent the screen getting scratched in my bag, so this is perfect for now! I actually love it :)

Quick nail art photo, because I finally can! This wasn't even fully in focus, but its still really good and the colour is really true to life, etc. Woop! 

Steak and chips time, now (a bit of a Saturday tradition in our house!)

Hope you have a fab weekend <3


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