Casual Friday + Moments of the Week

I liked inviting this candy-colored jean into my wardrobe!  
Makes me feel as though Spring is right around the corner...
 The long length of this riding blazer in the back makes wearing tighter jeans a more acceptable option for a casual work day.  Obviously, your work dress code will vary, but this works well for my career.
Skinny Jeans - Forever21 (Purchase HERE)
Blouse - Forever21 (available in stores)
Blazer - Gibson (Purchase HERE)
Shoes - Guess
Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Earrings - Nordstrom
Belt - Forever21

Moments of the Week:

Bachelor Moment - I don't have a lot of vices...but I'm proud of the ones I do have. 
One such habit is "The Bachelor."  As many of you know, my husband and I cancelled cable.  This just means we get creative with watching our shows :-)
Here is a perfect evening of wine, hors oeuvres, and competitive game of cards (I won!) and the hubby and I repeatedly yelling at our iPad telling Ben to "stop wearing tank-tops" and "cut your hair!"  

It was pure bliss I tell ya!

"Please Don't Tell Me That" Moment - You may remember me telling you about the student who wanted to tell me all about his "urges" HERE.  Well, this week the same student provided the following gem,
As he shoves his eye forward, prying it open with his fingers,
"Do you think I have pink eye?  I've recently been in contact with feces so I think I might have pink eye." 

Umm, don't tell me this.  Ever again.

But later in the day the same student came up to me and said, "I meant to tell you that you look really nice today" I totally forgave him :-)

Whatever Works Moment - What type of perfume do you wear to work?  I typically wear a variety (I am one of those women who still hasn't found her signature scent) and no one really says much.  Well...this week was different because I received THIS in the mail:

How can something so wrong for me, work so right?

I put on the Bieber scent and seriously...within 5 minutes I had 2 students tell me how yummy I smelled.  I thought it was just a fluke, until I kept having students compliment me and even saying things to their friends like, "See!  I told you she smelled good!" 

A little weird?  Yes. 
Am I going to actually purchase the Bieber scent?  Maybe...

Dogs are Great Moment - Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that my husband and I adopted a rescue beagle a couple months ago.  His name is Palmer.  I have had Bogey now for 8 years (can you tell we love golfing?) 
Bogey's thoughts in this photo, "Great.  Thanks Mom.  I'm 8 frickin' years old and you get my a new baby brother?  Thanks for asking for my input." 

Ha...I just love them both.

So back to the perfume thing.  I smell like I walked right out of a Disney cartoon...and I also get this strange craving for cupcakes when I am wearing it. 
But should I buy this Bieber magic spray?

Happy Friday Friends!
XO - Marion

PS - The Bieber man is officially legal does that make it better?


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