London Fashion Week Street Style: February 2012

Oh it all seems so long ago now, but I still have heaps of London Fashion week snippets to share with you! The way I see it, it's like FIVE MONTHS until the next one, so really, what's the hurry? 

Tonight, I'm going to share my favourite London Fashion Week street style photos. You may have spied some of my photos over on Mink Pink's Facebook a few weeks back, but here are a whole bunch more! 

Here's Zoe single-handedly altering my opinion on double denim: 

Loved how simply chic this look was. What an awesome necklace. And an awesome name, for that matter. Quick shout out to the brunette in the funky scarf, simply because I feel a bit guilty that she's such a prominent feature of this photo. 

Fritha rocking a baroque print! 

Another redhead in creepers, the lovely Laura! Love the backpack! 

POW! My blogging bezzie Jen looking fierce in her neon dress! 

More poppy brights from this pastel-bonced beauty:

Oops, I've accidentally included Polly twice, but I can't delete it now because I'll feel even more guilty about Scarfy Chick. Maybe being in the background twice is as good as being in the foreground. I think so, don't you? Scarves <3

HAIR OF THE YEAR. Amazing girl. 

Aww I loved this girl loads! Her and her buddies had travelled down from Glasgow. I asked to pap her and she said she recognised me from the blog! Always a funny feeling :)

This chick was shamelessly channelling Cher from Clueless! I could not get enough. I think she could've been someone.. She had a very 'someone' vibe. (EDIT: Super sleuths have identified her as Amy Willerton who won Katie Price's tv show...)

Clashy florals! I'm not sure about this trend on the whole, but liked how this lady did it. 

A bit of eye candy for da ladiez. I already have a boy who looks better in skinnies than I do, so this one's all yours: 

Ahh this girl was so beautiful. She has the camera case I want, too! 

I always have much respect for other girls that wear comfy shoes to fashion week. 

Although I ALSO have respect for ladies like Leanne that can handle life up there on heels! I adored her polka dot dress and big bow! 

When the pap becomes the papped. I gave this stylish lady a taste of her own medicine:

Not the best photo of these girls because I was a bit overwhelmed by the metaphorical double rainbow of awesome  style:

There were lots of chunky shoes on show. I was deeply interested. 

These girls from the Mark Fast queue were a bit annoying really, but made up for it by being visual babes:

A lesson in layering AND florals AND chunky heels from this lady. Love it! 

I think I have a thing for redheads... 

Loved this pale and interesting chick. I have bookmarked her as inspiration for when I eventually tackle the printed trouser trend! 

Oh my god, it's all over. That's it. Done. Was it good for you? 

Hope you've found some inspiration here, as I have! 

Oh and if one of these photos is you and you've got something you want me to link to, holler. And if you're one of the blonde girls from the queue, you weren't annoying really, just joking!!!! (I'm not). (I am). (I'm not).

Look, I've had a really long day and am clearly struggling mentally so I'm going to bed now!


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