Casual Friday + Moments of the Week

Yes...I realize this is a somewhat vanilla outfit.  
But we can't all be rocky road everyday!
And yes...I am holding coffee.  
It's Friday and I am pooped!
Sweater - Matty M
Jeans - Hudson (Purchase HERE)
Shoes - Cole Haan
Clutch - Nordstrom
Coffee - Starbucks
Necklace - Vintage
Watch - Michael Kors (Purchase HERE)

Moments of the Week

"It Finally Happened to Me!" Moment
My time has come friends!  
This week I received the piece of paper that I've been waiting for since 7th grade history class.  In this class, Mrs. Ullman taught us about the jury system.  It sounded fascinating and I wanted to be invited.  So I waited.
And waited.
And waited.
And no invite ever came.  
Until this week!!!!!

"Oh...Well That Sucks" Moment
Umm, it looks like they invited me during my Spring Break.  
This must be a typo.
 "Hey...I'm Getting Pretty Strong!" Moment
So I work out.  
A lot.  
And I love it.
I just never thought it would come into handy at work (I'm a school psychologist).
Until today!

So one of my students had a melt-down that required my principal and I to carry him about 500 yards to the front of the school.  As we are carrying him up the hall, I'm starting to realize, "Hey girl...this is easy!  He's a big boy and you're left arm isn't even tired!"  I felt a little pride...but it quickly diminished when the student kicked me super hard and I nearly ate tile ( might see a bruise on my left leg in future outfit  posts.  I'll try to match my outfits to the coloring).   

Embarrassing Moment
(I know what you're thinking!  You're asking yourself, "Wait...embarrassing moment?  Didn't that just happen with falling on the floor and letting an elementary student show you who's boss?"  

And to answer your  That did not embarrass me.  I popped right up on my 4-inch heels and carried that boy to the office where he belonged :-)

So what embarrassed me?  
A 1st grader leaving my office turns around and asks, "Mrs. you have a dog?"  Puzzled, I reply "Yes...I have two."  She nods as if she expects this answer, turns and as she's walking out the door comments, "You might want to keep you clothes away from them."

I died laughing!  But then I stopped and realized that I must be a serious mess of dog hair for a 1st grader to say that to me.  
The worst part?
She was looking at my leg when she asked if I had dogs.  And this is what Palmer was doing to me that morning (he is a puppy...with urges).  
Notice the tail wagging.  Dirty puppy.

Thanks so much for a great week friends!  
Have a beautiful weekend!

XO - Marion


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